The Global Entrepreneur is an independent, global news provider that focuses on globalization and entrepreneurship as drivers for global development.

The Global Entrepreneur creates and spreads enlightening and engaging news about globalization and entrepreneurship in lay man’s terms.



The Global Entrepreneur embraces the merits of capitalism and other forms of voluntary cooperation between individuals or groups of individuals anywhere on the planet. This includes free global movement of goods and people and sound business ethics.

The Global Entrepreneur views globalization and entrepreneurship from two perspectives:

  • From the perspective of world improvement: Globalization and entrepreneurship are the strongest proven drivers for eradicating poverty and suffering. Over the last 20 years, entrepreneurship, trade and capitalism have removed half of the world’s extreme poverty.
  • From the perspective of the individual: The Global Entrepreneur will be an advocate for everyone’s right to make the most of their lives – independent of gender, race, nationality or sexual orientation etc. In this context the focus will especially be on the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing countries, both in terms of obstacles, such as corruption, country borders, poor business ethics, poverty and culture – as well as the opportunities that free entrepreneurs from such obstacles.

The Global Entrepreneur will also look at the advances in science and technology and how they impact or shed light on aspects of Globalization and Entrepreneurship.

The Global Entrepreneur is founded and owned by Sonetel.

As an independent news source, The Global Entrepreneur is officially registered as a Swedish news provider (“Utgivningsbevis“), which in practice means that The Global Entrepreneur and its writers are protected by the Swedish Constitution and Swedish law in relation to freedom of speech as well as in terms of the protection of its news sources.


Henrik Sundbom, Chief Editor

Henrik Sundbom, Editor In Chief

Henrik Thome, CEO

Henrik Thome, CEO

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